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„Heads on“ research course

Multiplikatorenprojekt der LMU 2016/17

For the Winter semester 2016/17 we are able to offer „Heads on“ research courses (12 CP). They are sponsored by lehre@lmu and aim to introduce students to the challenges of scientific research at an early stage.

Small groups (2-4 students) of Master students are invited to apply for these courses. For each of the topics students design and perform the experiments as independently as possible. The courses last for the duration of the Winter semester 16/17 and each group can decide individually how much time to spend over literature, in the lab or in discussions with fellow research students. A seminar series will be included in which the students will present and discuss their progress.

If you are interested in one of these courses please apply directly to the individual research group leaders who host the projects. Applications should include a CV of all participants and a motivation letter.

Deadline for application is October 15th 2016.

For more information contact Angelika Böttger and Serena Schwenkert - the Faculties „Multiplikatoren-Team“


The molecular basis of dormancy release

Prof. Susanne Renner

Parasite sucks

Prof. Matthias Starck

Investigating plasticity in ejaculate traits

Prof. Niels Dingemanse & Dr. Cristina Tuni

Why does a Hydra polyp regenerate its head in the right place?

Prof. Angelika Böttger