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Comparative Analysis of Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Methods

Ziegenhain et al. (2017) Molecular Cell 65, 631-643


LMU Pressemitteilung

Christoph Ziegenhain, Beate Vieth, Swati Parekh, Björn Reinius, Amy Guillaumet-Adkins, Martha Smets, Heinrich Leonhardt, Holger Heyn, Ines Hellmann and Wolfgang Enard

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.molcel.2017.01.023

enard paper 2017Aus den Artikelabschitte "In Brief" und "Highlights":
Ziegenhain et al. generated data from mouse ESCs to systematically evaluate six prominent scRNA-seq methods. They used power simulations to compare cost efficiencies, allowing for informed choice among existing protocols and  providing a framework for future comparisons.

The study

  • represents the most comprehensive comparison of scRNA-seq protocols,
  • provides power simulations quantifying the effect of sensitivity and precision on cost efficiency,
  • offers an informed choice among six prominent scRNA-seq methods,
  • provides a framework for benchmarking future protocol improvements.