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HIWI Position Molecular Neurobiology


The Chair of Molecular Neurobiology at the Technical University of Munich focuses on research about the development and diseases of the nervous system. We use modern molecular biological and microscopic methods to visualize cells in the nervous system in vivo. Our group is part of the “SyNergy” excellence cluster funded by the DFG and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Disease (DZNE).

We are now looking to strengthen our team by a
Working Student for 20 hours per month
(Master students in their 1st or 2nd semester)


  • A firm understanding of the theoretical basics of molecular biology
  • Practical experience in the lab (especially PCR techniques)
  • Independent work, flexibility, reliability and commitment
  • Enrolled student at a university in and around Munich


  • Support in carrying out experiments (in particular: genotyping by PCR)
  • Collect and document research results

Please send your application documents only by email - with the keyword “molecular biology” - to Jianping Wu: jianping.wu@tum.de.


Technical University of Munich
Chair of Molecular Neurobiology
AG Prof. Dr. Mikael Simons
Feodor-Lynen Strasse 17
81377 Munich